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Watch collecting, it's addictive

adam_cyclones profile image Adam Crockett github logo ・1 min read  

It's crucial for your mental health to make room for a hobby, I'm serious, I used to say programming is my hobby, but put me in a group of strangers, I could not talk about anything... Not a thing in common, that's when I realized I was not really living my life.

I have a new hobby, it's a wierd one but I enjoy it. I intend to collect watches. The picture above shows my first and only mechanical watch so far, I kind of dig it. Mechanical stuff is so appealing, I wonder if it will make me a better programmer? 😂

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For me are cheap fountain pens, good and colorful inks and fancy paper. I know the feeling. (the cheap part is an involuntary attribute of the collection tho :D ). The feeling of good ink in a softly polished nib over a godd paper is priceless, and I like my notes and journals in paper and ink. No printers tho, I like trees too. I also have an unusual amount pf physics books and I enjoy working with wood, sadly I have little space to make more.


I couldn't find a good response in my brain. Sincerely I understand the need for distance from digital things. It's surprising what people like to collect. I hated watches until last month but maybe I just don't like watch snobs, my watch cost 40 pounds and is vintage from eBay, I love that it had a previous owner.

Do you have a unicorn fountain pen that you would love to own? I understand the paper part. Until I was 20 I was a classically trained artist with a degree and everything.


Purely aesthetically the Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age; I haven't tried it so no idea how it writes and looks too heavy for daily use but it looks amazing; my final pen tho would be an old "wet noodle" gold nib, preferably eyedropper, maybe an Wahl Wood grain ring top, or some classic Waterman (I've always liked the model 12). If interested in the topic just take a look at just feast your eyes and don't get near to your wallet.

I also like watches, but seems to expensive for me at the time (kinda pun, kinda intended), I like pocket watches myself, mainly because I have thin "princess like" wrists so all the big (for me) watches are out of scope, which are like 90% of men watches :D.

You want to dig into fixing them and maybe restoring them? that seems interesting too. An nowadays is hard to find watchmakers for fixes.


Before ever considering a career in software development, I had about 10 years of experience in theatrical acting and musicals, two of them were played at the same museum. I usually get told when I mention this at an interview that it's weird that I ended up being a developer with that kind of baggage.

To be honest, I didn't have much of a choice. I was scared for my future and wanted a job that paid well, and years of being prescribed on Adderall (Some doctor decided I had ADHD early on in my life) made me spend the majority of my life on computers, isolated from the world, so I was attracted to such an environment.

Now? I still have the skills I acquired over the years and experience in the domain, but I realized later that I didn't need the damn pills to function correctly. If anything they made me a very awkward person socially, which cost me so many jobs.

So, I might have to change career someday, to the dismay of my fiancée. 😂

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