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returning to blogging

Adam Crockett
I work at ForgeRock as Staff UI Engineer, I play with all sorts really. Lately WASM is my toy of interest.
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Where have I been?

Well to put 2020 squarely in the garbage collection, I have been busy making some huge changes.

My family have just purchased our first home and boy let me tell you it's a lot of house, 130 year old house in the country, before that we where locked down in a flat (apartment) that was much to small for us all.

Just because I don't like easy things, I also started a new job just days after moving in - I can tell you for a minute there I thought the WiFi wouldn't be ready and I would be using a tin can and some string to make calls!

You might remember I told you that I have been learning sign language to teach my 3 year old who isn't speaking, that is leaning ever closer to autism as we start out appointments and discover what we already know, challenging as he is, having a non verbal child is actually quite an experience because we never miss any of his needs and I'm still learning what he likes and doesn't every day.

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Not sure what happened here?!

So lots of things have happened, oh back to the job for a moment, I'm not an engineer anymore for the first time in a very long time, I do less programming and spend a lot more time learning about OAuth 2.0 and identity federation.. I am still grappling with my feelings about that, I have started programming in the evening again (this is actually not very healthy but how can I stay current without a project 🤷‍♂️

Anyway, I'm back 👋

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