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All I know about Kaitlin is that it looks like typescript for JVM I have been meaning to give it a try! Maybe Elm lang is for you?


"TypeScript for the JVM" isn't very far off, but at some level, modern multi-paradigm type-inferred languages tend to look similar.

Elm will have to break into the Tiobe top 50 before I would take a serious look at it. It's a crowded field out there for programming languages, and the field is always growing.


Definitely lisp. I don't know of any other language where you can name a function -.-u and invoke it with (-.-u).

(define (-.-u) (+ 2 2))


It's definitely unique, what else is good about lisp?


Yeah, I would like something like Java + C++ Templates + C++ Namespaces instead of packages with a safer typesystem


I couldn't agree more.

Since I'm making recommendations for languages, it sounds like you want C++ to be in your life more than Java, maybe you should break-up for a while.

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