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That was a yahoo framework if memory serves? Yahoo was / is a search engine if memory serves?

Edit: just looked at moo tools, I bet writing this in es6 would look so appealing, let's rewrite the docs.

// Backticks making this look 🔥
$$(`div.foo, div.bar, div.bar a`);
// Let's not ask questions 📊 statistics say, destructure everything.
const { getElement } = document;
const myRequest = Reflect.construct(Request, [
    url `whyOhWhy.php`,
    method: `get`,
    onRequest () {
       // There is no redemption for MooTools, but it really does encapsulation the point of this post, these frameworks deal with problems we just don't have anymore.

I think ExtJS might be making a comeback:

ExtJS UI example



Would it frighten you to know that, and I s*** you not, I use this every day. Thanks Adobe content management system AEM, thanks a bunch. What a steaming pile of... AEM is, Well you get the picture it is a mess and Adobe actually sells it. The only product I know that has 2 UI's this thing and the modern responsive and fairly unfinished pretty UI.

Thanks Adobe content management system AEM, thanks a bunch

Oohh, so Adobe AEM is built on ExtJS?

Yes and no, there are 2 UI's for editing content, the classic ui (that's it's name) and the touch UI (that's also it's stupid name) AEM ships both UI rather than deprecating and announcing a breaking change, on the flip side touch UI is barely feature complete, uses an insane XML way to build its UI and honestly is pretty unintuitive. But the skin Coral UI (,no doubt purchased from the company, now that's a pretty CSS framework)

That's interesting, my organization recently bought AEM 16.4 and planing to move 1800 forms to AEM adopted forms, can you please add little more the other issues you have with this product?

AEM forms isn't something we use at work. Because of the nature of where I work I can't be to revieling either. But I will write a post about the pros and cons of AEM if it helps you. Look out for a post "AEM 2 years later (A retrospective)"


Use the right tool for the right project.
BTW jQuery still rocks.


It rocks for the right project, as I said, if your supporting old browsers then fine.


Consider jQuery deprecated in all honesty.




All common jQuery tasks are now just as easy without a library which aimed to fill the shortcomings of yesteryear.

Of course if your still supporting yesteryear then this post isn't for you.