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SOAP is Simple Object Access Protocol, a simple method to exchange data between a client application and a web service. It's called "simple" even though it's XML because people at Microsoft like to have fun:


Well, despite the S being there is opinionated, obe thing is for sure, SOAP is going to help us stay clean! ;P


SOAP and REST are two different ways to communicate with a remote host to exchange data and/or make changes to a remote system. SOAP is an older protocol with a dependency on XML while REST tends to be JSON-based (but not always) and more in line with how HTTP works.

Both operate over HTTP(S).


I'd say it isn't important as long as you know what you mean. I couldn't tell you what SOAP or REST stood for. But I can tell you what it is, I feel that's more important


REST is Representational State Transfer :)

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