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I broke master today.

adam_cyclones profile image Adam Crockett github logo ・1 min read  

Given the new power to merge, no matter how hard I tried, I broke the master build. I feel terrible. I don't think this is something to get fired over, I am on probation at the moment which doesn't help.

Anyways have you ever done this, make me feel better or il climb under a rock for all of time 😱😂

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I broke production and despite really beating myself up over it, everyone immediately focused on the fact that it could have been anyone and we needed to fix the process so it wouldn't happen again.

So maybe just climb under the rock for like a single day? 🤗


I'm no professional but this is always my takeaway when I hear stories like this - it shouldn't be so easy to break in the first place. This indicates a problem with the whole process, not a problem with any individual, and represents an opportunity to improve.


Well I had thought maybe there could be a precommit hook to run lint. We used to have this in my old job, and I honestly forgot we don't here.

Are you in a position to propose such a hook?

I can just do it, but I will propose it yeah 😁


Thank you Amara, I got a response something like that, I broke it then merged a quick fix. So we shall see what happens.

I feel like I have reverted to a junior developer so far it's terrible, I can be much more cautious and thoughtful than I have been. I think I need to calm down and gain back some trust.


No one ever stops making mistakes, no matter how senior their title. The important part is learning from it, acknowledging it, and correcting the process.


Mine wasn't for work, but for a group project. 5 of us in the group, each one of us managed to break the master at least once. Hopefully I can avoid doing that when I get an actual job, but I'm certain I will.

Besides all of that, remember all the good you've done and that mistakes are made and you are human


Broken builds happen. That is just a fact of life.

One rule we followed on the Microsoft Excel team, to great effect, was that whoever broke the build became responsible for babysitting builds until somebody else broke it. In addition to serving as a clever incentive to keep the build working, it rotated almost everybody through the job of buildmaster so everybody learned about how builds are produced.

-- Joel Spolsky - Daily Builds Are Your Friend


I have been there - horrible feeling even if it’s “only” the build and not the user-facing production app that breaks... I have heard horror stories of DBAs truncating production tables by accident due to having too many different tabs/environments open!! Definitely a ‘ground, please swallow me up’ moment I’m sure!


Don't be too hard with yourself, it happens, just focus on why/how it happened and take an action, if there is one, to avoid to break things again this way, that's it.
It happens even at the highest professional level :)


Not to worry, I broke master myself just yesterday -- it's all part of the process!

"Sucking at something is the first step to being kind of good at something." - Jake the Dog

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