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How do you handle errors, there are a couple of strategies:

  • don't handle errors
  • errors with warnings
  • a general error
  • an error per issue
  • no errors just defaults and failover
  • I don't get errors 🤷‍♂️

Out of each strategy which do you prefer as your overarching style of dealing with errors?

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Errors must be always handled.. if for any reason the error cannot be solved in the current layer, you must throw it to the upper one.. simple as that. At some point, it needs to be fixed. Not warnings, non general errors, nothing, if there is an error you fix it or you throw it to the upper layer (only if it makes sense)


Just hide the errors with an Exception! Haha.


Why would you have an overarching, one-size-fits-all strategy? Choose the appropriate strategy for every error.


Because this wouldn't be a discussion if we said I use everything. 😁


Errors handling is the worst thing in my projects :D

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