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re: 🎩 JavaScript Enhanced Scss mixins! 🎩 concepts explained VIEW POST


I have a little announcement, due to the positive reception of this idea. I have decided to name the idea Jess JavaScript enhanced Stylesheets, and maybe Tess Typescript enhanced Stylesheets eventually.

I am going to develop Webpack tooling initially to make this workflow more seamless, there will likely be a frontend js adapter to assist this, the endgame is to write Jess, and Tess, indipendent (Rust or V or LuaJit or c++ anything fast that could potentially run in WASM and node or wasi) powered the compiler, similar to svelt and syntactically like sass but with a modern JavaScript inspiration, I will likely fork the rsass implementation and hack it into something new, it's not going to be just another preprocessor, this is more like a frontend framework for CSS, I believe we do CSS in js because there is not a viable alternative. Very excited to start 🧙‍♂️, I would be very grateful to work with contributors and get a roadmap sorted and technical designs.


Let's elaborate, there will be no Webpack tooling, Jess is under active development. In its current form it is a compiler for a subset of JavaScript, es5.5 if you will, some modern syntax will be available. You will be able to pick up Jess in a short amount of time because the syntax is something that is very similar to things you already know. Jess will eventually run in your browser, have a test framework and much more.

Jess is written in Typescript and Rust on Wasm and is at this point lexing input. I will be keeping a regular posting of development and if you are interested in this just follow me.

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