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How to fix Helm's "Upgrade Failed: has no deployed releases" error

For some reasons, when you are using Helm, the update made with the following command fails.

helm update --install
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And when you try another time to do the update, you can have this error :

Upgrade Failed: xxx has no deployed releases

How to fix it?

During the previous update, something wrong happend and stopped the update before all was deployed. So the secret related to the update wasn't update with the "deployed" status.

So you need to patch the secret generated by Helm during the last update to change the status to deployed in the labels.

You can do it with an kubectl edit or directly with the following command.

kubectl command

kubectl -n app-namespace patch secret release-name.v1 --type=merge -p '{"metadata":{"labels":{"status":"deployed"}}}'
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I hope it will help you! 🍺

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