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Discussion on: GraphQL Pagination

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Ari Seyhun • Edited on

Thanks for this article El Housseine Jaafari!

I am implementing this for myself and using the ID as the cursor works just fine when sorting by time, but in my case I also want to sort by "rating" (a column in my database).

Would it be appropriate to make the cursor be in the shape of {rating}:{created_at} encoded as base64?
For example: 30:1613828846856 for a rating of 30 with the timestamp as 1613828846856 (which would be MzA6MTYxMzgyODg0Njg1Ng== encoded as base64).

I'm not sure if this is hacky but it's the only kind of solution I can come up with for an SQL which ends with ORDER BY rating, created_at

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El Housseine Jaafari Author

Your case is not easy in case of using a relational database. But there is the solution to create a view from your query and add an attribute that will be a combination of the rating & the ID and then use the view to fetch data from it and this way the pagination will work like a charm for you.