Discussion on: Is there such a thing as READY for a first job?

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Achilles Moraites

I think that being 'ready' for your first Dev job is kind of an abstract concept.

In general:

  • You can understand the basics of JavaScript.
  • You can Build a relatively complex application using modern tools: React or Angular or Vue.
  • Style an application using CSS and to know at least one CSS framework for example: Bootstrap.
  • Understand REST APIs and be able to use them in your application.
  • Have knowledge of git, this is important because you will work with other people.


Also having knowledge of common algorithms and Data structures is helpful.

Make sure your CV is well written!

Having a nice Portfolio website and GitHub account with your projects will help you a lot!

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Pachi (she/her/ela) Author

Thank you!
You have me a nice nap to see my gaps and where to work, o really appreciate it!