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Discussion on: Add your portfolio here so everyone can see it.

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Tóth Béla

Thank you really much!
If you are interested in retro style dev like this I can recommend PICO-8 all day. The community is amazing and the tool is awesome, if you don't mind the initial pay of 15 USD or limitations it proposes to you, such as:

About code size:
Tokens: 8192
Characters: 65536
Compressed Code Size: 15360
About count of token from PICO-8 doc:
"Each token is a word (e.g. variable name) or operator. Pairs of brackets, and strings count as 1 token. Commas, periods, LOCALs, semi-colons, ENDs, and comments are not counted."

Limited Sprite sheet and Map sheet and sounds channels:

Display 128x128 16 colours
Cartridge Size 32k
Sound 4 channel chip blerps
Code Lua
Sprites 256 8x8 sprites
Map 128x32 cels

If you do mind then I can advise TIC-80 which is free, open-source and has more loose restrictions or LIKO-12 which is built with LÖVE.

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Hvdodeptrai Author

Omg tks you bro, you’re so enthusiastic. Love it <3

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Tóth Béla

There is no such thing as too many game developers so I like to show the way to people!