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If you are interested in performance optimizations using Ruby and Rails my talk is called Cache is King and is Tues at 11:40 am!

I honestly though have not looked at the rest of the schedule. I tend to wait until the last minute to get my schedule figured out. I usually do it as I am flying out there. I take a lot of solace in knowing they are all taped so at least if I miss one I can always watch it later.


Excellent! Cache Is King was on my shortlist because after reading your posts about caching it piqued my interest! I’ll be there :)


πŸ˜ƒI noticed you are also a runner. Let me know if you want to meetup and go for a run one morning!

Great idea! At rubyconf they do a 5k race every year and It was my favourite part of the whole event. Haha

Wait, were you at Rubyconf 2018?! If you were, I was on that 5k run! LOL

I missed 2018 :( I was in New Orleans the year before.


I'll be there! I haven't picked my sessions yet, but my guide from last year @amcaplan is keynoting, so I'm psyched for that.


Nice! I’m a big fan of Cloudinary so I’m looking forward to Ariel’s keynote too.


Also a fan of Ariel and Cloudinary, so looking forward to his keynote. I'm also happy to meet other DEV folks! I'll mostly be at the Nexmo booth handing out free swag and talking up integrating cloud communication APIs in your Rails apps.


I wish I were going. I know @molly_struve and @vaidehijoshi will be there speaking. I'm sure there are other DEVers that will be around.


I had a blast last year but won't be attending this year. :(


I will be there as a sponsor - looking forward to it!


I’ll make sure to stop by to say hi (and get some swag)! :)

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