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I agree 100%. But just for the sake of discussion, do you think that people speaking up and saying "I'm an ally to insert marginalized group here" has the power to normalize being an ally, and taking a stand on these issues? Other men could see you saying it (and, to your point, actually doing it) and think "I really look up to Yechiel, and he's not afraid to talk about these things, so maybe I should do it too." And that's a positive trend to be a part of. Just a thought. What do you all think?


Yes. I believe we can teach by example.

When you see someone acting in s shitty way speak up, call it out, don't leave the burden on women to explain why it isn't ok.

Saying "I'm an ally" will teach other men to say they are allies. Acting like an ally will teach other men to act like allies 😉


Sounds like social media nowadays where supporting something means putting a temporary profile picture or yelling out loud how you support someone 😂

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