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if I am within the scope of the education system, I am as a student, what should I do so that I can become great? Am I out of education?


Well, it is a good question, especially because a lot of students recognized that the education system won't help them 100% on their journey from college to the first job. Of course, we should never expect to have senior engineers right from university, but it is fair to expect that you can easily jump into your first company and find yourself comfortable, without so many surprises.
What I would suggest is:

  1. Try to make any project for any client. It might be a website for your cousins business or mobile app for your friend, does not really matter. Any kind of project, you do for someone else will eventually cause communication between them (client) and you (developer).
    • That way you can learn agile = they will ask for changes
    • You can learn how to communicate with people = being able to understand the requirements
    • Define what they want = being able to write documentation
  2. Get into testing as soon as possible. Try to make good habit of always test what you just make, automate those tests, make them fast and reliable. Unit tests are great, but you'll also need integration as well.
  3. Read, watch. There are tons of materials including this website ( which provides you with a lot of material for learning outside of school.
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