re: "C# with net core is more efficient performance-wise" might be but not that much in case of standard REST/CRUD. Worked with both, not noticeable to...

From a user perspective there are tons of things which impact so yes I agree. But I'm still impressed (in the wrong way) how much RAM java requires even for silly things.
About EF Core.. I don't feel so bad if I compare it with JPA but I suppose it is a matter of taste.
Constant reinstatiation is a bad thing I agree. I also dislike controller based aproaches BTW. This is why I prefer a funtional approach to REST (like in Vert.x web: no objects at all), while a persistent CRUD layer is ok of course.

Do not stop at the pure benches: if you dig in the repos of the tests you will discover that the fastest solutions (regardless of the tech/lang) do not really use an ORM at all. I've found code in the past where the ORM logic was passed by native queries mapped on DTOs.

Well I didn't use JPA lately at all but I didn't compare it to EF because it's not the same thing. Maybe Spring Data or Hibernate itself but JPA no. I mainly hated tracking no tracking thing. The way it works with save and update and mainly things not related to modeling

Why (JPA != EF) ? From my point of view JPA == EF == SQLAlchemy.
Btw I've recently apreciated micronaut-data-jdbc. Unfortunately I've not found a way to mix in with Vert.x Web :/

JPA is convention while EF is full framework implemented. I used Spring Data without using JPA myself in some cases. So I dissliked some calls via functions or LINQ which are part of EF

I see. My mistake: with JPA I meant any of its implementations like Hibernate JPA or Eclipselink.

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