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I do not like pair programming

ablx profile image Mirco ・1 min read

I know there are obvious advantages doing pair programming.
Knowledge is shared, instant review, you can learn new stuff from your pair and so on.

However, I do not like it. This is opposed to my way of thinking. Pair programming is very verbal. You talk about what you do all the time. This is necessary, because the other people cannot look into your head.

Yet I cannot think, code and program all at once. When I work alone, writing code is my way of thinking. I have a rough idea, write it in code knowing it is absolutely not the final solution, and then iterate over and over by writing code instead of first expressing everything verbally.

Doing this in pair programming causes lot of awkward silence and stuff like "wait for it". It just feels uncomfortable.

I prefer to work "alone" for a couple of hours and then have close feedback loops with a colleague ("Look, I wrote those x classes to do y, what do you think about my approach?" where x is a small number).

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Jonathan Hall

This is part of the reason PP is so powerful... it teaches you the skills necessary to communicate your ideas clearly.

This is also why it's natural to prefer working alone. But doing PP once in a while can be a great way to build communication skills, and to improve your thought process.

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Mirco Author

This is totally true, and I agree on doing it "once in a while", over like every day for 2 hours. But many companies I work for opt to to it all the time.

Also, in my mind, the preference for PP is a little bit skewed, as many things, in favour of extroverts. Interesting video about this:

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Jonathan Hall

It's hard for me to watch that, because I don't believe in introverts and extroverts. :)