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Abhiraj Bhowmick
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My next project.

No, I won't talk about an app or website I am working on.

My next project will be (is) Visualway
Visualway is a non-profit startup/organization which will create apps and services to ease one's workflow.

You might have read my blogs on CSS, JS and HTML.
shit i messed up the order

But I created this organization to not only improve myself as a developer and diversify in frameworks and languages but also really help others too.

You can follow us on Twitter right now.

So I have already released a note-taking app on React under VW. You can read all about it below.

Before I end this post, I would like to ask you, my readers, to help me in this journey. If you are a dev or writer, hit me up on email or twitter (sadly there won't be any money involved).

Or maybe you can follow us on Twitter and star the repo, so you don't miss my progress along this journey.

Visualway -

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