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Abhi Developer
Developer of Motionia.js & Gitrate .Basically a high-school student reading in 12th grade.
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Github Blog CMS is a static portfolio geneartor to make a showcase of your projects!

Live website:


Welcome to github blog cms !

Create your own coding or fortfolio or showcase blog on github for free!

  1. Easy 2.Simple 3.Markdown support 4.Easy to deploy 5.Have a nice , fresh ,super fast blog



Getting started

This process is very simple easy for beginners or professionals.

  1. Fork this repo 2.Edit the config.js file as per your requirements.
  2. Give it a name , description etd.
  3. Jump into Posts directory here you can create your content for the blog 5.Save the file by giving it a title of your choice add .md extension at the last that is markdown file extension.
  4. Hola!! Your blog installation completed.


Create a coding or personal blog using markdown

How it works?

This uses github api and fetch feature api!

Combining both makes it possible.

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