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Welcome to Alertia!

Make your notifications awesome

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Source code Alertia on github

How it looks?

Want a replacement from old looking js alert ?

Then just don't worry! Alertia can do it for you, by just a one line of code you can get a beautifull alert messages!

Alertia is a JS library to get awesome instant alert!

Just use:

alertia("A simple alert");

and you get this:

much better , customizable than simple js alert

Getting started

Link alertia js script through JSdelivr

  1. Insert this script in <head></head>

  1. Now just call alertia

<script type="text/javascript"> 
alertia("a simple pop");

It also supports JSON type formatting to make it simple and easily customizable!


All you need is a script via CDN, rest it needs 0 installation



The order is "msg" , "type" , "style" & "time"

for eg:

alertia("Hi! i'm on", "normal" , 3000);


Use json object formatting as:

=> "msg": "a random msg",

for eg:

alertia({"msg": "a random msg",


Alertia have various features that a modern alert should have!

Different types of type, style etc


it has 3 types

  1. normal just a normal noification etc

  1. Danger for error, break code etc

  1. success for finishing of task etc


To change animations you need to use style , alertis has lots of animation including roll , fade , slit , bounce etc...


To access use time:


At last

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