It's been foreva!

abhinavmir profile image Abhinav Srivastava ・1 min read

Heyloo! It's been a while hasn't it since I last posted. I am sorry, my audience of 5 :(

Exams, papers and a deviation away from industry to academia kept me busy. I used to post incase an employer sees, but fuck that, now it's for the love of CS.
I am going to Bangalore tomorrow (Earlier we planned Pondicherry but we didn't go thru that one), going to get some Old Monk (Dark rum), Magic Moments (Beautiful Vodka) and Beer, and roam around the city and do some shit, idk.

I am also starting Neverwinter and Apex, again. And continuing PUBG! Abhinavmir everywhere. I have been off Instagram and shit too man, but fuck that, I like it that way. I am going to *shit*post more on Linkedin because that's cancer, fuck that too.
Anyway, I'mma snooze. Night.


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