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Create an impressive GitHub Profile Readme in 2022

What really is GitHub readme?

Well, it is a special repository of your GitHub profile with the same name as your username which shows up on your profile if you make it public. So, having an impressive readme is definitely a plus πŸš€ but you should not dedicate your whole time editing it all day long like me πŸ™‚

My GitHub Profile Readme Story

You can see my GitHub readme:
If you liked it, you can star it too or fork ✨
Mine is not that fancy but rather minimalistic as I like it πŸ˜‹. When I first came across this feature of GitHub, I spent way too much time creating it, editing it, adding various fancy stuff directionless with little to no actual projects on my GitHub profile πŸ˜‚
Cat coding funny
Now, I have divided my Readme into various sections (which I will talk about later on) which I update once every month or so.

Section 1: Introduction

abhinavkashyap061 readme intro
The Introduction section is just about giving a brief idea to the reader about you.
I made a GitHub banner describing who I am, from Canva and added typewriter animation to it to give that extra sauce πŸ‘Œ.
Canva design was "Black Modern Personal LinkedIn Banner" by Kamala.
You can put links to your Portfolio, social media, etc.. in this section.

Section 2: About

abhinavkashyap061 readme about
Here you mention about your education/job whatever you are doing currently, what are you working/learning about related to the field of your expertise, and then mention what would you like to collaborate on with people it can be Open Sources, Blockchain, Machine Learning projects, etc...
Also, I mentioned my email id so that the people can reach me to talk about the relevant projects.

Section 3: GitHub Stats

abhinavkashyap061 readme GitHub stats
This section gives information about the metrics of your GitHub account, how much stars you have earned, PRs you have made, Issues you have raised and many more..
Another stat card gives info about your consistency (PS: I am on a consistency streak of 36 days)
These amazing GitHub stat cards are made by the OG @anuraghazra πŸ™Œ
Link: add your username in these links and it will create dynamic stat cards for your profile.
You can also mention your choice of theme by adding the name of theme from in the theme param in the code below

GitHub metrics Card:< YOUR USERNAME >&show_icons=true&theme=< YOUR THEME >

GitHub Consistency Card:< YOUR USERNAME >&theme=< YOUR THEME >

Section 4: Latest Blog Posts

abhinavkashyap061 latest blogs
As I generated an interest in writing blogs, so I made a section which automatically updates whenever a blog is added to my account.
For this I referred to a video by codeSTACKr : I myself don't completely understand about this yml, workflows, cron jobs, etc. πŸ₯Ί

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