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If you are aware of violation and can prove unauthorised usage, you can send them a legal notice, It doesn't cost much and if you can word it right, you can even send that yourself. A notice is just a letter (on a legal letterhead) that you are aware of the unauthorised usage and want to talk about how to move ahead. Sending a notice will mean that you took the first initiative to get in touch with them. What to do ahead is based on you. You can ignore it and get with your life, or take legal action against them.

Contact some lawyer or a law student friend, They can guide you better.


That was decent enough for me. Is there no other way then to make the repo private to take away their access? I contacted GitHub and the host but I am yet to hear from either.


Even sent it to discord too so I can see if they remove the bot if they do that then the website will automatically be taken down

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