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Discussion on: Top Signs of an Over-Experienced Programmer #humor #satire

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

Wow.. you really know me.. :P

Nice article. Enjoyed reading it. I have to rethink few of my behaviour. specially about documentation part. Being a freelancer for so long, When I finally got a job, It is hard for me to work with team not because of people, but because I have to work with outdated technology, There are red tapes if you want to upgrade a library, and when I use ES6, rest of guys think I am showing off. Most irritating thing was that while rest of team completed their code before time, I am stuck with mental loop of micro-optimization. I was hired because of my broad programming knowledge, from Mobile, to web, to desktop, But my team are better at doing a "job".

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SeattleDataGuy Author

That is a common struggle. Getting things done, vs constantly optimizing and improving. I think most programmers mentality is if it isn't broke, don't fix it or improve it.