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re: Do I say, variable callbackFunction is of type Boolean, Or of type Unit In that abstract function, is callback type of Boolean or Unit or somethin...

So callbackFunction is not a variable as such, it's a fancy way of declaring a function which can be defined later, and that function has a boolean parameter, and returns a unit value. Am i Getting this right?


Not yet right :)

callbackFunction is really a variable, but what kind of value does it accept?
Answer: the value you assign to that variable is a function with a boolean argument.

The basic principle is that, like in Javascript, functions are first-class citizens that you can pass in a parameter of a function or in a variable. To do the same thing In Java, you would have to define a meaning-less interface with one function.

You can read the friendly documentation at kotlinlang.org/docs/reference/lamb...

Thanks.. I was actually reading through documentation right now. But your explanation is so much simpler to understand. :)

I also asked this on StackOverflow and your answer along with explanation on internal working from SO, made lambdas so much clear to me.

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