re: Seriously, i need a mentor. VIEW POST

re: I saw abhinav thaliyaril instead, is that you?

That's not me. Take out your detective hat.. Everything you need is on my dev.to profile.

It's elementary my dear. ;) 404 is also a valid response. My mentor once made a valid working website solely based on 404, 403, 500 response codes, as a proof of concept, Just so that we would pay more attention in rest of the remaining classes.

Computers are a predictable thing. And I am a predictable person.
Here is a clue. My Unique key on this site is My primary key on Telegram, But my primary key on this site is not.

I think it's great you folks encourage mentoring. Other than the relationships I have built at work, my pursuits have been largely solitary.

Keep it up.

Thanks senior.

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