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re: Thanks alot for this mate. I literally use Traversy for almost everything I'm learning. Talking about contributing to open sources, i honestly don'...

There is no fix path that I can tell you to follow. I started by going through simple php projects, Bash scripts, etc. Downloading them and submitting bug reports. Then I used to comment on other bug reports with my views on that bug. A lot of Linux based apps actually were just tested on ubuntu at that time, I used to test them on fedora and gave my two cents. Submitted PR on Readme adding instructions on installing on fedora. When PHP 7 came, I helped old web apps to update on new stack. G+ was really good in staying in touch with devs. I frequently discussed with Satya ( of fedy fame) and IKey ( of Solus fame). Satya eventually added me as a mod for fedy.

In short always be open to learn, and learn before you contribute. Community would help you learn new skills, But you need to atleast have valid skills (even if it is outdated).

Thanks very much..this is so so helpful 😀😀 can you be mentoring me? Like i can come ask you a question anytime please 🙏

You can telegram me, whenever you want. But I can only reply when I can. And I can be a mentor, not a tutor. My telegram handler is same as my username.

Thanks Abhinav 🙏

I saw abhinav thaliyaril instead, is that you?

That's not me. Take out your detective hat.. Everything you need is on my dev.to profile.

It's elementary my dear. ;) 404 is also a valid response. My mentor once made a valid working website solely based on 404, 403, 500 response codes, as a proof of concept, Just so that we would pay more attention in rest of the remaining classes.

Computers are a predictable thing. And I am a predictable person.
Here is a clue. My Unique key on this site is My primary key on Telegram, But my primary key on this site is not.

I think it's great you folks encourage mentoring. Other than the relationships I have built at work, my pursuits have been largely solitary.

Keep it up.

Thanks senior.

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