re: Introducing DeckDeckGo: the web open source editor for presentations VIEW POST


Looks amazing.. something to move away from google slides. A question, how well is it's offline tolerance. Only benefit of google slides is that it's extremely functional even when it's offline.


The published presentations should work offline (PWA and service worker).

The editor itself is not yet offline ready but it's of course on our agenda/mind.


Nice to know that editor's offline capabilities are on your agenda. Then it would be truly google slides replacement. Thanks for open sourcing this. Nice to see you using Haskell. I learned it in college days as a hobby, but never got around actually using it. Everyone just want to use JS these days.

Thanks for the warm feedback! I think it's cool to try to mix technologies and Nicolas is, at least in my eyes, a true Haskell wizard 😉

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