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Discussion on: 🧵 What are your favourite Browser Extentions ?

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

Firefox Browser:

  • Isolation: -

    • Multi Account containers
    • Facebook Container
    • Google Container
    • Amazon Container
    • Twitter Container
  • Adblocks and anti-tracking

    • uBlock Origin
    • Nano Defender for firefox
    • Popup Blocker (Strict)
    • Behind The Overlay
  • Youtube

    • Return Youtube Dislike
    • Sponsorblock
  • Utilities

    • Speed Dial 2
    • Video Download Helper
    • OneTab
    • Redirector
    • Dark Reader
    • Dynamic History
  • From external source

    • Mega (Secure cloud storage)
    • Bypass Paywall Clean
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Ángel Blanco

Multi Account Containers + Simple Tab Groups is my killer combo to switch between work-related and personal-related tabs. Simple Tab Groups is even able to open tabs in a specific container by default, if you are in a designated tab group where you want all tabs to be in such container. Can't use another browser now because they don't have these two extensions.

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Vedant Chainani Author

Is Multi Account containers Available for Chrome/Brave ?

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

I don't think so, it is a browser feature of firefox, a way to isolate sites from perticular domain into its own isolated container seperate from rest of browsers.

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Solly M

I use

  • SessionBox - for Multi-Account containers and
  • Workona - for tab management, which hibernates other tabs for memory management.