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Discussion on: Pitch me on C#

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

Yes. there is a native compiler for everything. Game engines have C++, Godot have GDScript. Rust is getting popular with wasm. But there is a C# solution available, for those who want it. Mobile apps, with Xamerin, Front-end with razor and blazor, Desktop apps with multiple gui toolkit support, There is an SDK for microboards like arduino too. Microsoft is not trying to make C# be the best solution in all the field, but trying to be "An Acceptable Solution" to all field.

And reason why these fields support C# as a native solution, because this way, developers wouldn't need to learn it from scratch. C# compiler doesn't compile it to CRL/IL in all cases, It can be configured to produce native binaries, or a portable executable library file. This is why it is easier for anyone to provide first party support to C# in their field.

In the end, a C# developer can write code for any of supported field, without need to learn a new native stack. And if you are creating something new, and want to attract developers quickly, providing support for C# might be fastest way for you.

It may come with tradeoff, Mobile apps in C# are really slow, But for some, hiring and training cost may just be high enough that they would be willing to accept tradeoffs.

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I'm not denying that C# is cross-platform, and I do understand the benefits of not having to learn a new language for every stack-- I just don't see that as being any thing specific to C# or C#'s philosophy.