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Discussion on: Pitch me on Java

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

Verbosity is not a bad thing. There is no behind the scene magic, which means you are in control, and can optimize code and its performance. Also in large enterprise, verbosity is encouraged because it will make it easier for the next guy who will replace you, to understand what is happening in code. Some companies even have code guidelines that prefers you to not show-off your special tricks and stick to basics.

At beginners level, With verbosity, you will learn concepts at a great details because you have to write every step of that concept. Every line of code that you write, you will ask yourself "have I covered all edge cases"

At intermediate level, your IDE will take care of a lot of stuff for you, You will have learnt the reason for any line of code you have written. So you will create generic snippets, and write a lot more code by writing a lot less.

And once you reach advance level of skillset, you will look beyond IDEs, You will use libraries like project lombok to replace boilerplate code with rich annotations. You will embrace annotations because you know what code compiler will generate based on those annotations. You will play with different JVM flags to optimize bytecode. All because you have a clear understanding of code that was verbose.