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Discussion on: Pitch me on PHP

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

There is an old video from creator of PHP, Rasmus Lerdorf. Its called 25 years of php. All I need to pitch for PHP is to watch the video.

The old school programmers stories, back when people used to program to solve real world problems and have fun while doing that, is something I have always been fascinated about. But Rasmus Lerdorf takes it to all new level. Suddenly, all the memes and jokes about how weird php language is nullified, you start realizing how practical language actually is.
He goes through what php was (php<5.x) what php will be (php >7.x). It is surprising that they managed to completely reinvented the language, yet managed to provide a proper upgrade path. Unlike python which was a mess for switching from 2->3.

On top of that, he doesn't just say that there are performance improvement, he talks about how less cpu resource means less carbon emmisions. He talks about how someone created a relief service in few hours after the country was hit with earthquake.