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Discussion on: PHP Array: A Gross Mistake

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

Now this do make sense. PHP arrays does expose the three interfaces. Although like we know, this is by design, a side-effect of emulating an array using ordered maps. Maybe this is why some frameworks prefer to abstract these. Maybe they will rewrite the internals someday, but it would be tough to do that without breaking the internet.

In a talk by Rasmus Lerdorf, he mentioned how he never intended PHP as a language that we know today, that is why all these inconsistencies in internal apis, the language quirks, etc, are all there because he created PHP to be something else. It was after the fact of PHP's popularity, that he decided to rewrite the language internals from the scratch, in a way that it doesn't break internet, yet become a proper backend language.

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Anton Ukhanev Author

Maybe this is why some frameworks prefer to abstract these

Exactly. Because it is just more predictable this way.

I'm glad we have come to an agreement.
Thanks for the amusing conversation :)

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