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Discussion on: The Real Reason You Can't Find Dislike Counts on Social Media

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

Thankfully Return Youtube Dislike Extension has improved my situation a little bit.

Eversince youtube disabled dislike counter, I have been seeing more spammy content than ever. Its like youtube itself is creating random channels with random names and showing it to me. I have disabled auto play in youtube in firefox, so even if I click a wrong video, it doesn't automatically start and I have time to check the dislike ratio.

I know its not going to be as accurate as youtube itself because it is a community project, its accuracy is dependent on number of users using the extension. It is at least something.

BTW did you know that there is a limit on how many times you can click on "Don't recommend this channel to me" and "Not Interested" options available via the 3 dot menu on videos. These days, it is removing that option after around 7-8 times using them daily. I bought 1 set of planters from amazon, and one pack of fertilizer and now my youtube feed has atleast 3-4 videos on home gardens.

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Keiler Guardo Herrera

Thank you for the suggestion of the Return Youtube Dislike Extension. 🤩