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Discussion on: 🐊ConfigureGator, is it a good idea?

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

How do we get in touch? I have been working with kotlin for about 2 years ( mainly for android, But did some personal exercise on springboot with kotlin, and ktor) . I am mostly a backend developer but I am learning sveltekit as new year resolution.

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Adam Crockett Author

Hi Abhinav, so to be upfront at the moment it's just me building this thing, CG is my side thing and it doesn't pay well, I mean it doesn't pay at all, but it's probably great experience and I'm sure if it takes off that will lead to something, I'm not sure what that is yet

The backend uses Kotlin Quarkus on the GraalVM I'm a couple of days off of finishing moving everything into docker so it's easier for others to work on.

I promise I will get in touch again when it's ready to be worked on 😊