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Discussion on: Is it time to let go of Bootstrap?

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

I tried bootstrap many years ago, When I saw 3 nested divs for just centering a div in container, I stopped trying it.

The only reason I know a little bit of bootstrap is because almost all the templates I used to download for a quick freelance project, were built with bootstrap. I can't even stand tailwind. I have used it but it's much easier and faster to just write css with some sass mixins.

But then, I am not really a designer.

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Paras Parmar

Hey, @abhinav1217 Try the new Flexbox. My designers tell me its an absolute blast to work with.
Guarantee you won't be that disappointed, this time.

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Vishwa.R Author

HAHA that's true I too had a brief break from Bootstrap, planned to try Bootstrap5 when it launched. I still use it for simpler projects.

If you are a designer, It's better to be off from Bootstrap or else you have to spend some more dev-time customizing it.