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Discussion on: I launched a Free Drag and Drop Dashboard Builder

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

I would suggest update readme with " This is a meta repo for issue management and community engagement "

And for the downloadable output file, It should ideally be creative common since you are kinda providing a functional template. But whatever you decide, It would be better to add an html license comment block inside the downloaded file ( along with a copy license file inside archive ). Because average user for your app might not go to github to check for license, They would stumble to your app via search engine, use it and get the final layout for their own work. License information on the repo usually relates to the product itself not stuffed that are linked to your product, or stuff that are generated as an output of your product.

I am sorry if I am pushing for right license practices, I have once got into trouble because of not knowing about these stuffs, and I have worked at small companies that also get into issues once they grow larger. Your app and its concept is good enough to gain traction in long run.

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rarestoma Author

Hi @abhinav1217 , thank you again for all the information and help you gave me. I already noted to do this in the next update, I will change the downloaded file to a ZIP folder that will include also a and file.