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Discussion on: 🦏 Mozilla Rhino JS makes me scream 😱

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

"Rhino JS" Now that's a name that jogged up memories. I remember using it as a unique feature point in my college minor project. That was few years before node even existed. Despite all its limitations (mostly because of lack of blog/tutorial coverage) I was fascinated with it. I was really happy when nashorn was announced. GraalVM on paper feels like right step, but in practice, I am kind of disappointed with it.

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Adam Crockett Author

I like rhino in some ways despite what I say, it's impressive engineering but sadly it has no replacement in EOL and that's the frustration for me

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Scott Simontis


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Adam Crockett Author • Edited on

Yes and no, Java can indeed run WASM through this port of WASI or there's a few other projects, tea VM, but there are and will for a long time be Java stacks and Java developers who want to stay well away from JavaScript, not a stereotype, I have worked in all Java houses for years and I get a lot of flack for liking JavaScript 😂