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Discussion on: SOLID is not applicable

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

SOLID principles were defined with an OOP architectural concepts in mind. But in 2020, languages find ways to implement OOP patterns without being OOP itself ( like Golang ).

The biggest misconception that I see juniors dev in my area bringing with them is that all 5 of them needs to be implemented together at all times. In daily usage, only S, L, and I is something I find myself thinking about everyday. I don't remember if I have ever intentionally structured any project for Dependency-Inversion. My projects as a whole does get structured with Open-Closed system in mind either by having plugin system, or by having a separate 'core' modules.

My take on SOLID or GRASP is that these are something one should know about and practice around during their training stage, but not consciously think about in real world.