My Steam Account Is More Secure Than My Bank Account

abhijitparida profile image Abhijit Parida Originally published at abhijitparida.com on ・1 min read
Steam My Bank Account
Has silly password restrictions/guidelines ("your password can't be longer than 15 characters") no yes
Allows copying/pasting passwords from password managers yes no
Has a remember me option ("your session has expired lol - please login again to proceed") yes no
Has 2FA turned on by default yes no
Penalizes users without 2FA yes no
Has offline 2FA (mobile authenticator) yes no



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Conclusion: the best way to secure your money is to spend it all in games 😀


It's disheartening when I see a bank/airline/large corp doubling down on their password policies and cybersplaining why their way is "better than" industry standards. Really it amounts to superstition.


The old joke was Battle.net, but yes, Steam has caught up to it as well. Banks are so far behind in security. It took mine over a YEAR to fix a credit card number disclosure bug that I had reported.


Battle.net turns password 's value to series of dots so your password manager will ask if you want to update your password.