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Looking for passionate full-stack Ruby on Rails developer in Singapore (GMT+8) time zone

Abhay Bhat
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We are a tech company that are reinventing the insurance industry combining data, design, and technology. CoverWallet is expanding across the USA, Europe, and Australia. We have built an incredible team of 400 people (between New York, Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia and Singapore). We are growing our software development team in Spain and Singapore to scale globally within Aon, as the market leader.

We are looking for exceptional fullstack engineers(multiple positions) who love to work with #RubyOnRails #React #RestAPI #CI/CD #Go #scrum

Our systems are built on RoR and we are serving clients on a global scale. We are now building global multitalented platforms so that we can serve new verticals and insure more businesses with our proven end to end digital journeys.

This article contains a list of the top 50 YC software startups (sourced from the October 2019 YC Top Companies page). It contains back-end programming languages used and if you want take your RoR skills to the next level and to join a rocket ship please get in touch with me at abhay dot bhat at coverwallet dot com

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Michael Kohl

Hi, please consider making this a listing instead of a post, that's what they are for: