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Discussion on: Stop thinking about your work at night

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Abhinav Pandey Author

Yeah. Important to shut the brain down for 2-3 hours before sleep. One of the people here mentioned chess. When I play chess in my liesure time, I keep thinking about how the moves when I try to sleep.

Also important to avoid phone time close to bed time.

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Actual science doesn't support this, it's just a compartmentalisation issue on your part. You should only use your bed for sleep; this conditions your brain to seek sleep when you're in said location ( this is basic training in most militaries for a reason ). A schedule is important as well for the same reasons; the problem isn't what you're doing, it's where you're doing it. Your mind is perfectly capable of working right up to the time you enter your sleep cycle.

It has been well-documented* that not being able to shut your mind off and obtain quality sleep when you need it is ultimately a mental discipline/sleep hygeine problem. Outside of your having OCD or an undiagnosed stress disorder or an obesity problem that induces pain, you don't have to waste the last 3 hours of the night "sleep prepping." If you have any of those problems, that's an edge case.