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If it were you, how would you sell a SAAS service in an area that is not always covered by the Internet?

In an African context where companies, if I take this example, have'nt internet access all the time (untimely interruptions, non-payment of bills, breakdown)

If you develop software for these companies and they have to pay a monthly or annual license, what would be the best way to do it?

1- deploy the software at home and relaunch them each time to pay their bills. If they do'nt meet their deadlines, you will not be able to cut off their access to the service

2- in saas mode on Internet: they pay and their license is updated. If they do'nt meet their deadlines, they wo'nt be able to access the service. But the problem remains Internet access

3- another idea 🤔???????

What would you do?

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Deploy on their local servers but get the subscription renewed every quarter via licence key which will be bought on your server every 3 months. The duration can be customized as needed as per customer capability and agreemeness.

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Hi, please do you have an idea on how to implement such process in a web application ? My main plan is to write a kind of middleware which will handle the licence key file and check if it still active or not.

if you have a better idea am open to it.

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Nasser Author

Thanks, this is the solution i'm using actually