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Discussion on: The 10-minute Rails Pub/Sub

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Ahmed Ba Haggag

Thanks for sharing. I have a concern now, suppose I have a test cases and I don't want to run these callbacks so is it possible to stop them while testing?

Actually I used to use callbacks a lot but not anymore bacause it's difficult to debug and maintain in case you have a lot of them. So my suggestion is creating new interactor class for creating user CreateUserInteractor and will add all logic there and in case I have complex logic then will add a separate class for each process which will be called in CreateUserInteractor.

What do you think?

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Dimitris Zorbas Author

Structuring your event subscriptions in interactor classes sounds good. To skip event subscriber calls in your tests you can use regular stubs.

For example allow(UserSubscriber).to receive(:subscribe) would do the trick.