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Discussion on: C++, C#, Java, Kotlin, Python, JavaScript . Which Has Better Opportunities and a Future

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Ayoub Baàli • Edited

your choice should depend on what do you want to do.
choosing a programing language before knowing what you want to do/be might limit your productivity. by example, you can't learn javascript and say that you want to be a data scientist even if the language has some tools to help build some cool stuff. but mainly it's not the right choice.

so based on that I picked Javascript because it's one of the right choices for web development and it has a great huge community to rely on when you get stuck.
let's not forget an important part: do you enjoy using the tool you chose, if you are bored it is more likely you will consider learning another tool which will make you waste time and end up learning nothing, (and I guess this a problem for the majority of newbies).

this is my humble opinion written using my broken English :)
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Bret Author

Don’t you NEED college to be taken seriously for data science and machine learning?

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Michael • Edited

I'd be careful of generalizing like that to say one always needs a degree. It ignores individual experience and norms in countries which can differ.

I'm a developer without an IT degree. I have a business degree. Often the job posts here say they need "Com Sci degree or degree in related field" and that hasn't stop me getting several IT jobs. (One actually had a big machine learning part) Because employers value experience (can you do the job and what have you built before?) more than qualification. The first IT place I worked said they invited for a interview because I had a strong github portfolio and that my CV alone was too weak on the tech side. So remember that real world projects and side projects in your portfolio will showcase your ability to employers

If you have zero college degrees you might struggle against developers / data scientists who have a degree in business, or tech etc. As a degree does signify a high level of dedication and problem solving.

Also there are a ton of ways to get qualified online through short and long, paid and free online courses. If you want to beef up your CV and your Github portfolio with data science qualifications.

I also chatted to my brother to works in machine learning space and I said I was worried I was not qualified enough to keep at the machine learning direction. and he said that there those who have the formally educated com sci / stats background and those who learn by experience and are self taught. And he said both exist in the field and you don't have to only be educated to be successful.

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Ayoub Baàli

I can't give you a final answer I know so little about data science and related topics.
I think the open-source community doesn't care about you having a degree or not
but for a job, most job listings I read they mentioned college degree as a requirement.