Mobile Security Market Research Report 2020

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Mobile technology has been favored by the world incredibly over the last decade. Almost two-thirds of the worldwide population is using mobile phones, especially smartphones. In 2017, according to the report published by Soti, Inc., nearly half of the global internet traffic was consumed by mobile devices. Furthermore, the report cited that, over 175 billion applications have been downloaded in 2017 by smartphone users globally. Moreover, the increasing consumption of the internet has attracted cybercriminals as well. Mobile safety solution helps to protect the portable and mobile devices from cyberattacks.

Growing Implementation of EMM and MTM in the Market for Enhanced Security

The mobile solution can be implemented in an operating system (OS) as well as on individual mobile devices. The security solution deployed over OS is considered under Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), whereas those implemented on a mobile device is considered as Mobile Threat Management (MTM). Deployment of EMM, together with MTM, offers additional features like device configuration, device management, real-time device monitoring, and GPS tracking, among others.

Therefore, the integration of EMM, along with MTM, is trending in the market for better safety features. For example, IDC conducted a survey on enterprise mobility decision-makers, in the year 2017, which states that almost half of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the U.S. have deployed mobile device security solutions.
The device security solutions such as mobile threat management, mobile scanning, or mobile antimalware, along with enterprise security solutions are mainly adopted by SMEs. Moreover, one-third of the businesses in the U.S. are using EMM and further planning to deploy MTM solution technology in the upcoming years.

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