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re: It makes me so glad to hear that this helped, best of luck with your studies! I'm curious which JS course you're taking...

The JS intro course on freeCodeCamp. I just discovered CodeWars as well, which I'll throw in there to break things up. Near the end of the JavaScript Introduction part of the course and just got into recursion. I have not figured out the solution yet but your article has helped.

Hasn't heard of CodeWars before but I started programming on freeCodeCamp so I'm a big fan of their courses! Good luck!

Thanks! Have you made it through their entire course offering? (Before Python's update I mean)

Not yet, only the responsive web design and JS algorithms ones so far. I've taken several other courses through Coursera, Scrimba, and Codecademy though. There are so many excellent, free resources or there!

True that! I've done free versions of Codecademy before - that was my first HTML course almost a year ago today. Ah the memories.

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