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Discussion on: Stop blaming your developers for technical debt

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Aaron Reese

I wish I could give you more than 1 like.
TD isn't just about writing clean code these days, it is also about keeping up with the ecosystem. We used to have a 2 year software update cycle before there was a new version of .Net or c#. Heck PHP and JS, the backbone of the web got almost no updates for nearly 10 years in the late 90s, early 2000s. Now there is an evergreen browser and desktop with new JS features every year and framework enhancements every 6 months providing missing functionality that eliminates The need for crappy workarounds. E.g. nullish coalescing in JS removes multiple levels of nested if object === undefined

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Sylvain Reiter / The UX CTO Author

Yes Aaron, I feel what you mean! The cycle is so much shorter that you cannot avoid waiting for several releases to "plan" updates. It's not easy to implement in practice, I am in an agency but I imagine it's the same client-side.