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Liven up your video calls with snap filters

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Hey, newly remote workers! Are you finding yourself on a lot more video calls than usual? Are you missing your favourite selfie filters? Okay, let's fix that.

Rabbit ears filter

Snap Camera

Snap Camera is a Mac and Windows app by Snap Inc which takes the feed from your webcam, applies a filter (lens) of your choosing and then creates a virtual camera which you can use within Zoom, Hangouts, Slack, Skype, Twitch, etc.

Aaron with a TV for a head


📸 Download Snap Camera 📸

Download the correct version for your operating system and run the installer. You'll likely have to grant Snap Camera access to your camera and microphone.

The Snap Camera App

After Snap Camera is running you may need to restart your video conferencing app or web browser for it to recognise the virtual camera.

Aaron with antlers and glitter

Using with Zoom

You can select Snap Camera under Preferences ⇨ Video or using the menu next to the video start/stop button

Zoom settings

Using with Hangouts

Select Snap Camera under ⋮ ⇨ Settings ⇨ Video

Hangouts settings

Using with Slack

During a video call click on the settings cog ⇨ video settings

Slack settings

Using with Skype

Select Snap Camera in Audio and video settings

Skype settings

Other apps

Snap Camera should work in most video conferencing apps, as long as you can change the video input. If it does not appear for a particular app try closing the video conferencing app (or your browser if it's a web app), restarting Snap Camera, and then open the video conferencing app.

Aaron in glasses, this looks pretty normal tbh

Get everyone involved

Don't keep this joy to yourself, share with your co-workers. How much more fun are those conference calls going to be if everyone has antlers, or dog ears, or giant emoji heads? Send them a link to this article.

Giant Emoji head

If you do get your colleagues to embrace this on your next call, please take a screenshot and post it in the comments or share it with me on Twitter (@aaronbassett), I'd really love to see it!

Run it's a Tiger!

Aaron looking like something out of Crash Bandicoot

Creepy statue filter

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This depends on what your video call is for and with what group of people. Colleagues and superiors? Big no-no. I'd have a really hard time taking a person seriously during the call and actually paying attention to what they're saying.

This also depends on what the call is for. If it's a casual matter, then maybe go for it. But you'll look like a dunce if you're the only one spearheading this thing. I feel like this is too situational to actually end well.

If this is with a group of friends, then this will obviously go differently.


Hey @aleksandrhovhannisyan !

I think you really have to read the room. I know that my colleagues and superiors wouldn't have a problem with it, I've done this on a call before. And while you personally might not appreciate it, and you might be right that your colleagues might not either, you really can't speak for everyone.

As with most things, people should use their own judgement as to when it is appropriate.

Also, I don't equate having fun or bringing levity to a team with being a "dunce"…


I share it to my colleague, can't wait for the meeting on Monday.


Amazing! I hope you can share a screenshot


Any privacy concerns around using this for work-related meetings?


Honestly, that's not something I feel qualified to comment on. I'm assuming that all filters are applied on the device, but that's what it is, an assumption. I've not seen any lag or surge in traffic which would suggest the video is being rendered remotely, but I've also not done any real investigation into it.

If it is a concern then you should consult with your corporate IT department before using. They would be more qualified to comment than me.