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Intro: i do PhD so staying on track is tricky. A lot of coding but also working with data etc.

Something I heard from @yesthatthom : start day by writing list of things you need to do today (with little checkboxes) and then try to check them as day goes by.

Keeping quiet space is important for me: I tell office mates (up to 3 but usually 1 or 2) to not chat too much. This investment makes me work harder.

Having regular meeting with my teammates or boss also helps, as I need to prepare something new to show them.

For long-term ToDo's we use basecamp, which allows assignment of items to certain person with a Due date. Having those open items on calendar really pushes forward.

Finally, I think it is crucial to kill-off items on the ToDo lists that are not relevant anymore or for which time has run out. I usually close those tickets as "Nobody cares"

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